Guest post – seaweed popcorn

Today we feature our first guest blogger – Mr. B, our kindergartner. School was out last week and so we spent some time together in the kitchen, as it seems we have an up-and-coming chef in the family. He has authored one cookbook already.

First he developed an idea for an elaborate dessert featuring cupcakes and ice-cream cones (we have yet to give that one a try). His next project was a litle more straightforward, and we feature it here: popcorn with seaweed.

Popcorn with seaweed

Our kids are not the kind that gobble up veggies without significant prompting, so it was a surprise to me that seaweed is one of the most popular snacks at the kindergarten. Well, if you taste the “roasted seaweed snack” from Trader Joe’s, you’ll see why, though; it’s salty and crispy and a lot like a green potato chip. If you don’t have a TJ’s near you, many stores carry a similar product, or if you can find nori sheets, toast them briefly in the oven to make them more brittle and shattery.


Makes about 5 cups of popcorn

  • ⅓ C popcorn kernels or one package of unflavored microwave popcorn
  • 5 pieces of “seaweed snack”, or one sheet of nori
  • olive or vegetable oil (optional), if you have the kind in a spray can, that’s ideal
  • salt to taste


  • Pop the popcorn.
  • Place the popped corn in a large bowl. If desired, spray or drizzle the popcorn lightly with oil–this is only really necessary if you are using plain nori, the snack seaweed is already quite oily.
  • Crumble the seaweed snack over the top, then toss with your hands.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Enjoy!


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