Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

September 2020 Update: We love our Roccbox Pizza oven and as it turns out it is ideal for roasting your tomatoes and bell peppers. To celebrate the new flavors we ahva new video for you. Enjoy! This soup started out as gazpacho, at some point in our cooking past. Maybe it could still be called […]

Fresh Fruit Crumble Bars

Summer! How I miss you. If you’re like me, you think of summer as a relaxing, low-key time; you imagine lazy days, long evenings, letting the schedule slide. But then there’s: reality. The kids lay waste to the house, starting endless glue or paint related “craft” projects, then squabbling, then wanting to play Minecraft instead, […]

Hawaiian Style Lettuce Wraps

There is a glaring lack of pineapple in this recipe. When you read “Hawaiian style” anything, doesn’t it always have pineapple in it? According to my poor niece, who is allergic to pineapple, everything seems to have pineapple in it, even the least tropical-sounding suspects.

We Ate It This Week – Meal Planning Update

[layerslider id=”4″] This week didn’t go as planned. But it ended up working out just fine, although I have to say it was luck more than my own generous flexibility or anything. We ended up staying out late Monday night (we are now the proud owners lessees of a cute plug-in Ford C-Max!) so we […]

Simple Sour Cream Dessert – miláčik

sour cream cream

While I was growing up eating Jell-O pudding cups,* halfway across the world Valerian was snacking on miláčik. Now, miláčik means “darling” or “dear” in Slovak, so if you run a search on it, you’ll get a rather surprising selection of results, particularly pet photos. Last time he was back in the Old Country, Valerian […]