We Ate It This Week – Meal Planning Update


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This week didn’t go as planned. But it ended up working out just fine, although I have to say it was luck more than my own generous flexibility or anything. We ended up staying out late Monday night (we are now the proud owners lessees of a cute plug-in Ford C-Max!) so we stopped for burgers on the way home. I shuffled things around for the rest of the week, and cut the kid-requested breakfast for dinner because it doesn’t depend on fresh veggies or meat the way the other dinners did. Maybe it’s worth planning a night where we clean out the fridge or cupboard each week as a just-in-case option. So we did end up having burgers twice this week, but no one complained. The kids have been keeping busy at their various camps this summer, so they’re coming home hungry.

Monday: In & Out Burgers

Tuesday: Panko-crusted chicken, zucchini with Pecorino, sticky rice.

Wednesday: Pita sandwiches with falafel from Trader Joe’s, tomatoes, and shredded cabbage with a tahini-lemon drizzle.

Thursday: Pasta salad with tomatoes, raw corn from the cob, arugula, and cubes of smoked mozzarella.

Friday: Burgers on English muffins, green salad with home-made buttermilk ranch dressing. I read through a couple of recipes for ranch dressing and then kind of winged it. Results were… mixed. It ended up being closer to chimichurri than ranch. I may try to actually follow a recipe next time. Do you have a favorite to recommend?

Saturday: Homemade sushi with carrots, cucumber, avocado, canned salmon, and in the case of the rolls made by our boy, prosciutto.

Sunday: Tomato, corn & zucchini galette . I didn’t look closely at this recipe before shopping, so I bought too much zucchini and corn; never mind! I cobbled together a quite different pastry crust, using about half whole-wheat flour and subbing olive oil for some of the butter, and it turned out really well, I thought. And we had home-made ice cream for dessert. Recipe here!


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