We ate it this week


I’m still ready to evangelize about menu planning to anyone who will listen: I think it saves time, wastes less food, and is fun! We definitely eat better when we plan ahead, too. In the first of a (occasional?) series, here’s a rundown from last week’s plan, with notes.

Monday: Cauliflower crust “pizza”, which was delicious. I used this recipe for the crust, but then just put sauce and cheese on it like a regular pizza. The kids were suspicious but definitely ate their share.

Tuesday: Pasta with ricotta, tomatoes, and spinach. Simple, fast, good. I used up the last of some ricotta we had in the fridge from a less-than-successful gnocchi making attempt a while back.

Wednesday: Rice in lettuce cups. Recipe forthcoming here!

Thursday: Open face sandwiches on Swedish seeded bread, with whipped feta, cucumber, radishes, and smoked salmon. Nom. I might post a variation on the seedy bread that I like a lot.

Friday: Spring rolls. This used up the rest of the lettuce from Wednesday, and the radishes and cukes from Thursday.

Saturday: Out to dinner.

Sunday: Chickpea miso noodle soup (picture above). I need a shorthand way of saying “I made a lot of changes to this recipe and so I can’t complain that it wasn’t as good as it could be.” I didn’t have kale so I used spinach, I left out the pepper flakes (our daughter freaks out at the intimation that something might, just possibly, be spicy), and used regular pasta, and I thought it was good, but could be great. The acid from the lemon was fantastic and I even added more, but next time I might use more potent red miso. And more liquid, because the pasta pretty much soaked it all up by the time the bowls got to the table.


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