We Ate It This Week – Menu Planning


We skipped a week last week, sadly not because we were living it up in the last days of summer vacation, but because we all got the stomach flu, one after another. Our poor boy barfed on his birthday, not exactly the best way to celebrate turning NINE! We made up for it this week, he chose to cook his own birthday dinner this year.

With our stomachs still on the mend, we weren’t quite up to photographing things, but here’s a list with ideas for the week.

Monday: Frittata with leftover broccoli

Tuesday: Sliders, zucchini “pasta” with pesto, oven-roasted potatoes and marble cake for a belated birthday dessert. I succumbed to the trend and used my darling mandoline (OK, it’s a “V-slicer, but whatever) to make noodles from several fat squash. Here’s a good description of the process. However, the pesto I improvised from some arugula and Pecorino to serve them with just wasn’t very good, so I can’t really judge whether the zucchini noodles are all that.

Wednesday: Chopped salad and waffles. I cruelly served the waffles with jam (homemade by my in-laws with fruit from our garden back in Slovakia!) instead of syrup, it seemed healthier somehow.

Thursday: We were supposed to have chicken and rice, but the chicken was stinky and spoiled! And I had a dinner meeting, so Valerian made potato pancakes for himself and the kids. I refuse to confirm or deny whether I ate the leftovers when I got home.

Friday: One pan pasta puttanesca. I saw a link to this recipe on Buzzfeed; you never know where you’ll find good recipes these days. I didn’t use broth, just water, and regular old pasta because that’s what I had, and it was great. I also served it with parmesan, so much for it being vegan though.

Saturday: I tested out a summer savory galette recipe, which didn’t quite work. The filling, which involved greens, cherry tomatoes and corn was tasty, but the crust wasn’t as good as when I last made it (when, naturally, I didn’t really measure the ingredients). You might see this posted here, if I can work out the kinks.

Sunday: A big salad, inspired by this one (no tofu, though), with soba noodles and big ol’ prawns from Trader Joe’s for those who eat ’em. We had köttbullar at IKEA for lunch, so no one was particularly hungry. Isn’t köttbullar more fun to say than meatballs? And it’s pretty fun to say meatballs, you must agree.


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