What happened?

partyMost of the blogs on the “internets” start with a burst of enthusiasm but at the end of the day they end up with 5-10 posts and then they die. We have more then 10 posts —  we can’t die! So what really happened? Well, the usual human stuff. We got too busy with moving and getting used to a new life. We still cook almost every day.

The thing is, moving to California opened new ideas and we love to try new things; it’s the time of year when all the fresh things are coming into the markets and we’re just overwhelmed. I was waiting until I get homesick and I will cook something Central European. Of course, even when I am homesick I like to twist things. It doesn’t help that everyone here is all about fitness and eating light, so I was thinking to post recipes that reflect our current lifestyle. Healthy, California/Hungarian fusion cuisine. OK, let’s scratch out the healthy, just to be on the safe side. Although my theory is that everything that you cook yourself from real ingredients is healthy, but as Hungarians say “Too much good might harm you too”.

california poppy and moss

view of san francisco from fairfax

fairfax farmers market

Anyway. We will be back soon and I would like to announce our winners from the March competition. The only person who posted pictures of her creations is Katka. Thanks for the pictures. Although I don’t really know why the linzer turned into a big blob, I have to try the recipe again. Until the enjoy the pack of candies.

The winner from the facebook group is Marya. Congrats, Marya, email us your address and the goodies will be on their way soon.


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  1. Happy to hear from you again! Now it’s season of leco, plnena paprika, vajcove halusky and nove zemiaky, so I’m sure you’ll soon have plenty of ideas to post!

  2. how about roasted duck with knedliky, prazenica (you will not believe they dont know how to make it in California), potatoe cake and sosovicovy privarok ….

  3. Just found your blog. I am a former Bay Area gal, also a blogger (www.gigabiting.com) with a son who lived in Budapest (now back in Philadelphia where I am). Lots of overlapping interests.
    Have you found the good Hungarian bakery in Oakland?
    Worth a visit!

  4. As we say in Central Europe: “the world is small” (meaning that sometimes it is amazing to meat people with overlapping lives/friends/interests who are far from each other by distance.) I have heard about the bakery, I looked at their selection, but at this point it does not call to me (I guess I am not enough home sick). Living in Budapest spoiled us big time on Hungarian pastries. It is hard to imitate what real Hungarian masters can make. Sweet shops like Auguszt, Daubner have long tradition of being the crem de la crem of Hungarian sweets world. If you try those, everything else is just not “good enough”. Maybe that is the reason why we do not post too many sweets. And I am trying… Well anyway. My green coffee distributor is in Oakland so next time I will go pick up some green beans I might visit them and have a Puncsos torta :). Thanx for reading the blog

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