Struan Muffins

Last weekend I came across a competition on Chow for the best original muffin recipe. Now, I love muffins, quickbreads, that whole kind of snack/brunch category is right up my alley. (Remember pancakes, anyone?)

Mákos guba – Bread pudding with poppy seeds

I love desserts with poppy seeds, and I do not understand why are they popular only in Central Europe. Here poppy seeds are associated with sweets. Across our borders it is usually salty stuff, like crackers, rolls and bagels that get poppyseeds, just on top. It is time to let the world know about the […]

Staroceske kolace – Czech sweet pastries not only for Little Moles

If you visit Central Europe, you are almost certain to come across one of the few symbols from the socialist era that remains beloved today: the Little Mole, known variously as Krtek, Krtko, Kisvakond, Krecik or die Maulwurf. Our kids love to watch Little Mole cartoons on YouTube, and since the vast majority of them […]