Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato Soup

September 2020 Update: We love our Roccbox Pizza oven and as it turns out it is ideal for roasting your tomatoes and bell peppers. To celebrate the new flavors we ahva new video for you. Enjoy! This soup started out as gazpacho, at some point in our cooking past. Maybe it could still be called […]

Daddy’s Special

Simple mac and cheese v2

Some of you have been concerned that recent recipes have been too healthy and light. Well, fret no more, friends. This one suffers from no such delusions: it’s rich and oh my, it’s good.

Hungarian Chicken lecso

This recipe was born when we invited my in-laws for a Hungarian picnic. Traditionally, the protein part of the meal would be cold cuts: thinly sliced Hungarian paprika sausage or the famous Pick/Hertz winter salami.  You can’t get those here, though,  and substituting sugar-soaked ham was not an option for me. The other popular Hungarian […]

On-the-go bars for travelling with kids

With our respective families 6000 miles apart, one thing Valerian and I have done together a lot is travel. And with two kids added to the mix now, we arm ourselves seriously when we head out to the airport: books, toys, changes of clothes, and of course, snacks. Lots and lots of snacks. When your […]

The Best Summer Pea Soup

pea soup recipe

We planted peas among our roses to improve the soil, and we actually are getting a nice little crop of fresh peas right now! The kids love to spot the chubby pods that are ready to pick, and they’re still at the age when shelling peas is more fun than work. This recipe is most […]