Paraj – creamy spinach soup

Here’s a weeknight special from the menu plan. Paraj (“pa-rye”) is a Hungarian comfort food classic. It’s something you can get from one of the fast-food főzelék places around Budapest, or even pick up in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. But it’s ridiculously quick and easy to make yourself, and you can […]

Hungarian Style Scrambled Eggs

One thing I have learned in the US is that scrambled egg are pretty boring. I know I can still go with an omelet, but many people are scared to prepared it because of an extra involvement to keep it intact and beautiful. Scrambled eggs are classic. Kids in my part of the world (well, […]

Fake brains for vegetarians (cauliflower with eggs)

My mum used to make this pretty often when I was growing up, mostly because cauliflower is widely available here and it is cheap. The best way to eat cauliflower is to deep fry it and eat it with tartar sauce and fries.  But fake brains is second best thing. It is less caloric and […]

Letcho or Lecso

Lecsó (or letcho) is an important part of Hungarian cuisine. Summer in the village smells of people making letcho, as the gardens overflow with ripe tomatoes and peppers. Letcho is the basis for plenty of Hungarian meals, including goulash, paprikash, or porkolt. This time of year, people are starting to open the jars of letcho […]

Caraway Seed Soup

Katy asked me to come up with a recipe for the day after Thanksgiving, something light, something to soothe a possibly upset stomach.