Slovak Classic Reloaded – Bryndzove Halusky made with Pecorino

Bryndzove Halusky

I love bryndzové halušky – little dumplings with cheese.  I already blogged about them when still living in Slovakia, but they are  something I really miss from my homeland. They are pretty straightforward to make them, except that you need bryndza. Bryndza is sheep cheese, which looks like ricotta but with a distinctive sheepy tangy […]

Oven-baked langos

“Oven-baked lángos!” When I first saw the sign at the Budapest Christmas fair years ago, I was puzzled. What is lángos about if not deep-fried greasy goodness? But judging from the crowds gathered around the stand, where a clay oven was stoked with wood and slabs of speckled dough were rotated in to bake over […]