Soy Sticks – sweet candy from the dark of the Cold War

soy sticks candy

soy sticks candy

soy sticks candy

Item Soy Sticks – Cold War candy
Description Oh, soy sticks. A special candy from the dark times of socialism whose fame did not leave the borders of our Czechoslovak homeland. It is made of soy meal (30%), milk powder, wafer thingies, and a wide range of sugars. It has fructose syrup, glucose syrup and plain old sugar. The calorie count is also improved with vegetable shortening. It tastes a bit like rum, has a gritty texture and leaves a pleasant, sweet aftertaste. The original is made by Zora.
Where can I buy it?
Czech Republic, Slovakia for a good price
Warning There are fakes now. One of them is made by the perfidious imitator COOP, which states on their packaging that it guarantees the quality…right (theirs has only 28% soy meal)! They eve try to confuse you with  “Traditional quality” and “klasik” labels. Losers!There is also an upgrade called Margot. Margot has more flavoring in the soy meal and it is covered with chocolate. It is the ultimate candy for very sophisticated candy geeks.

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  1. Last year I tried to recreate them at home. I had some powder milk, I bought soy meal, and did some tests, but the result wasn’t so good as the real (Zora) one. But I’m sure that with more time it’s a candy you can make at home.
    First, when I saw the title, I was happy ’cause I thought that you have the receipe in the post 🙁

    1. You are very enterprising to try making your own! I have to say these are not my favorite candy (perhaps you have to grow up with them) so I will leave any recipe deductions to Valerian.

  2. soy sticks are made to use up the leftovers of the food industry. and so is the up-end version – Margot.
    this is not only a personal observation but it was confirmed to me by product guys from their maker.
    why would you go into trouble making them at home, or even writing about them is beyond me… take anything hard, chewy and sweet, preferably expired and that’s it.

  3. You said it Sim. They are truly unique. Our socialist industry was famous of making this kind of miracles. They took trash and turned it into gold. Well in 1% of the time :). This is 1%. Many people love this product, it is very unique to Czechoslovakia and extremely weird (made off soy meal and leftover wafers). We invented recycling! 🙂 Of course I will write about this :). Also do not forget many amazing things are made from leftovers. Like somloi galuska…hmmm. leftovers are cool! 😉

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