Sandwiches – the drunkard’s delight

open sandwich

It is time to drink yourself to death in order to celebrate the new year. At least that’s what we do in central Europe. Along with huge amounts of alcohol we also serve plenty of food and we blow ourselves up with firecrackers and fireworks.  We have a  saying: “as it is on New Year’s Day, so it will be all year”. Maybe that is why Hungary has one of the highest suicide rates and Slovaks and Czechs are heavy drinkers.

I have a few tips for you how to avoid hangovers or “still drunk” stages on New Year’s day, and also a description of a typical Central European sandwich.

open sandwich

One of the classics for any celebration is a sandwich. It is not a sandwich as the world knows it, two slices of bread with yummy things in between.  No, no. This one is open, fancy and full of anti-hangover properties. Here is how you should make it. We do not offer this sandwich only on New Year’s but also on any occation, including long meetings.

Take a slice of white bread, spread butter, add salami (not too spicy, rather fatty), add a slice of pickle, slice of a hard boiled egg, blob of mustard or ketchup or both,  grate cheese over it and you are set. Make hundreds of these and your New Year party will be great.  Bread, butter, salami, cheese will fill your stomach so the alcohol is absorbed more slowly (the fats will especially protect you). The egg yolk, pickle and mustard are full of vitamin C and minerals so they will help you a bit to avoid hangovers – a perfect snack for your party!


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