mock duck

Item Mock Duck – no birds were harmed making this meal
Description When browsing the Asian specialty isles and finding a can with a huge sign “Dragonfly”, what would you think is inside? Me too, but this one did not contain dragonfly. Looking at the picture you can see the skin of the animal and a label “Mock Duck”. Well, I just hoped that it contained a duck that annoyingly mocked everyone else, rather then a duck that was mocked by everyone. I wonder if there is a taste difference between those two. Anyway, there is also a sign saying “vegetarian”. I had to buy this. After opening the can and draining the mock duck juice (I wonder if it were tears of a mocked duck…right…vegetarian) there are some interesting chunks that resembled a rotten real duck, minus the flavor. Very bland.  But after a quick saute with a little bit of Soyaki, it turned out to be a very real and good meal, but very fake duck. Well except the bumpy “skin”. That’s just hilarious.
Where can I buy it?
Berkeley Bowl, Berkeley, CA. Price $3-4/can
Warning No ducks were harmed during this experiment.


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  1. I have tried mock duck before, but what stops me from using it with any regularity is my not knowing enough about the product – what exactly is it made out of, whether the duck reacts with the tin, and finally, the hygiene standards of the factory that it comes from.

  2. you just take out the stuff from the can a saute it from both sides. you can add some soyaki or soy sauce. that’s it. 🙂 serve it with rice f.e.

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