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Across the United States, people are just now coming down from the turkey and pie high known as Thanksgiving. We skipped the bird this year – there were only six of us at the table, several of whom were unlikely to eat turkey, so Valerian slow-roasted a big ol’ hunk of pork and we served that instead. As usual, I filled up on  the sides,  which included a whole stalk of brussels sprouts, very charming (and tasty). Quite reasonably, we had three desserts for  the six of us: this  pumpkin pudding, a berry pie/crostata, and these chocolate cookies. Perfect!

What’s even more perfect is that we have plenty tucked away to last us through the weekend. If you’ve got more leftovers than inspiration at the moment, look no further! Here are some EC ideas to empty out your fridge for the next round of holiday eating.

Turkey stock would be a delicious base for tortellini soup.

To use up mashed potatoes, why not try our Hungarian potato bread? If your Thanksgiving somehow didn’t satisfy your need for fried food, you could make your own langos; bake it up as Töki pompos if you like.

Leftover sweet potatoes could be used in place of butternut squash in this farro salad. Or puree them to use in a tasty bundt cake.

What are your favorite ways to use up leftovers?


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