Pork Chops for Finicky Kids

Pork Chop in flour coating

I don’t know why is this different then wienerschnitzel or a grilled pork chop, but it is. I thought this meal is only special to me; as a kid I used to request it all the time, and it was always my dad who cooked it for me. But I grew up and this pork chop became forgotten. Until one day I made it again.

You should know that our son does not eat, but rather he lives off the dust particles he breathes in. One day when I had been chasing the kids all on my own, I decided to refuel myself with my dad’s pork chops. After I managed to convince my (at that time 3 year old) son to try it I was shocked. He ate it. My first though was that everybody gets hungry after eating only dust particles for 2 years, right? Well, after a week I made it again, and it was eaten again. And he still keeps eating it.

Pound the meat

The recipe is simple:

get a pork chop, pound it flat, salt it, sprinkle flour over it, tap it to shake off the excess flour. Fry it on a non-stick pan with a little oil (like 2-3 tbsp).


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