Napa Zuke – pickled salty sweetness from the Paradise

napa zuke avocado sandwich

napa zuke from maui

Item Napa Zuke – aloha from Maui
Description Boring packaging, expensive product. Not the best selling points. You’ll find these in the fridge and on a summer day the cold, frosted jar, pickled-looking cabbage just calls to you. Or, called to me. And an ode to joy went through me. There are so many things happening in this magic jar. Gently pickled  in an Asian way, soy sauce, sweetness, very clear but gentle umami. You want to eat it straight from the jar, or on a sandwich with something creamy but not overpowering. Avocado is a good friend here.
Where can I buy it?
Maui, Hawaii or Berkeley Bowl, Berkeley, CA. Price $5-6/jar
Warning When returning from Hawaii we brought a jar with us, but it wasn’t sealed properly and the top of the pickles were moldy.

napa zuke avocado sandwich


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