Espresso Jam – slimy candy land?

Espresso jam


Item Espresso Jam –slimy candyland?
Description I am not a coffee connoisseur. I am a coffee freak. I do not have a high opinion of products that use coffee as added flavor until my friend Miki sent me an espresso balsamic vinegar, which was pretty darn good. So, espresso jam, directly from a coffee farmer must be excellent, right? To be honest, the label should have been a warning. The first ingredient is sugar, followed by Maui espresso and pectin. The problem with the jam is that it is extremely sweet, with no coffee flavor. What flavor it does have comes from the over-roasted coarsely ground coffee particles (hey! espresso is fine grind!). For many of us the “mouth feel” is rather unpleasant. I think this is a brilliant idea executed badly. That said, it is an innovative product and I hope the owner of the Maui Grown Coffee Farms will develop it further. A few hints… maybe use real espresso, less sugar please, how about sugar from the local sugar cane?
Where can I buy it?
Maui Grown Coffee Store, Maui, Hawaii. Price is a bit “tourist trappy” $7-8/jar
Warning If you do not like seeds in your strawberries and raspberries, this product is not for you. If you are diabetic or sugar makes you crazy, this product is toxic for you. If you do not like over-roasted coffee this product is purely evil. BTW here are some other evil things that coffee geeks are scared of:

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