The Emperor’s Rolls

Kaiser Roll

We had a first blaze of summery weather here last weekend, and our thoughts turned towards the delights of summer eating, of course. Back in Slovakia, the fruit trees are blooming and the cherries will soon start to form; here we’ve got strawberries still green and rock-hard, but strawberries! growing in our garden!

When it comes down to it, sometimes the very best meal is the simplest. “Use the very best ingredients you can find” is the rule here, and in this case, it involved a little DIY to get the best. At the end of a warm afternoon, a dinner of sliced tomatoes, a little salt, maybe some mayonnaise or avocado balanced on a kaiser roll is all you need. Well, a cold beer can’t hurt, either.

For whatever reason, we haven’t really seen kaiser rolls in store here – I know you can get one when you order a deli sandwich, but where are they, among the mini-bagels and pocket-less pitas and artisanal ciabatta at the grocery? But never fear. The fearless bloggers over at The Fresh Loaf have a recipe that is straightforward and gets great results. We should know, we have tried it several times by now!

Have you ever resorted to making something when you couldn’t buy just what you wanted? It’s what got us cooking, how about you?


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  1. These look incredible! I’ve been using a baking book called Tartine and it’s revolutionized my bread. It practices a very old-style technique using a homemade leaven. Keep up the good work here! And if you get the chance, stop by BreadandBourbon. It’s certainly not perfect, thus, any comments are welcome!


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