Chocolate Giveaway!

That’s right, readers! We will select one comment at random from those submitted on any of our posts here, and that person will receive a selection of szaloncukor/salonky, just in time for the holidays. You don’t need to have a Christmas tree to enjoy them, but we would like to hear what you think about our site and our recipes.

The winner will be chosen on Tuesday, December 15, so roll out those comments! We will notify the winner by email and send out the prize by Slovak Post (to anywhere in the world).

Happy reading!


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  1. I commented enough already and I think one nickname counts only once, does not matter how many times I post. 😉 If you plan to do similar giweaways, specify more the rules and the exact time of ending (you most likely have readers in different timezones). just to keep things straight. 🙂

  2. Thank you for the give-away! The best salonky I’ve ever ate are the zseleszaloncukor (sorry if it’s not written right) from Hungary. The classical ‘fondan’ is too sweet and the different Milka, Koko and other ones are just not traditional. Zele salonky rules!!

  3. seboka: it is a Chocolate giveaway not a oscar :)… just take it easy and enjoy… More posts will provide you with bigger chance to win. We really need to know what people like. We offer our chocolate.

    Katka: the jelly szaloncukor are still in. the winner gets few of those too. we picked this year’s award winning brand. Tesco Value (I am not kidding. In jelly szaloncukor Tesco value wins this year)

    Katherine: welcome in the club. I hope you will enjoy our blog. we have a great potato bundtcake recipe here, more cakes will come. (see I know about your cake passion 🙂 )

  4. Hi
    I have commented once or twice and never succeeded getting my comment up on your web. it said – no email entered or no captcha or some other error and then back to the empty comment form. grrrr.
    anyway – I think I know you from like 10 years ago and I think you were classmates with my brother – I gotta ask him…
    I like your blog and would like you to continue to promote this classic fare…
    btw no salonky plz plz plz.

  5. hmm.. what kind of browser do you use? i am checking on few browsers and for me the site works. ok no salonky 🙂

  6. Salonky!! Jeeej! I’d love some.. Too far away from home makes me homesick for good food, and the pictures and recipes that you post are so inspiring. I just wish I could order them for delivery.. 🙂

  7. Thank you for the lovely website. I’m completely unfamiliar with this style of cooking, and I’ve been having so much fun trying the recipes without even knowing if I’m doing them correctly or even how to pronounce the words. The Czech teacher I work with has been stealing parts of my lunch though, so I must be close! I’d love to win unpronouncable goodies.

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