Bulgur with a little bit of everything

I just realized I’ve been making this salad for six or seven years, and every time I make it I seem to add something more, to the point where by now it’s less of a bulgur salad than a salad with some bulgur in it. Are you sitting there wondering what bulgur is?

Light and lively fresh corn salad with grilled chicken

Fresh corn salad and chicken

So, I have become kind of obsessed with this corn “relish” recipe from the most recent Everyday Food. It’s about as simple as it gets, there’s no cooking involved. None! As we were chowing down tonight, Valerian asked “why do we even cook corn?” because it is so so tasty hacked right off the cob. […]

Paraj – creamy spinach soup

Here’s a weeknight special from the menu plan. Paraj (“pa-rye”) is a Hungarian comfort food classic. It’s something you can get from one of the fast-food főzelék places around Budapest, or even pick up in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store. But it’s ridiculously quick and easy to make yourself, and you can […]

Shopska – Šopska – chopped salad with cheese

One of the first questions I get when I introduce my wife is “Where did you two meet?”. I don’t know why, is an American-Slovak-Hungarian combo that weird? So make it even more weird — I say “in Kosovo”.  That always takes the conversation away from us and transforms it to a discussion about Kosovo. […]

The Best Summer Pea Soup

pea soup recipe

We planted peas among our roses to improve the soil, and we actually are getting a nice little crop of fresh peas right now! The kids love to spot the chubby pods that are ready to pick, and they’re still at the age when shelling peas is more fun than work. This recipe is most […]