Pogácsa – savory Hungarian biscuits in miniature

At my office in Hungary, you couldn’t have a meeting without pogácsa. Pogi, as they are affectionately known, are sort of the bagels of Budapest; if you organized a coffee break, you’d better provide pogácsa! There are about as many different ways of making pogi as there are bakeries, and everyone has an opinion about […]

Hungarian Potato Bread v 2.0 – video

Hungarian Potato Bread

I love the Hungarian Potato Bread. It hasn’t been long since we featured the recipe here on Emperor’s Crumbs, and I’m still making it a few times a week. I was playing with it, tweaking the technique, and finally I decided that this recipe works the best. And for refreshing content I made a video […]

Everyday vianocka

If you’re looking for a soft, yummy, eggy bread recipe, this is the one. I have to admit failure here, though: I just can’t seem to get the stacked braids to stay upright when I cook them. I finally resorted to my old standby six-strand braid, and the results are much more attractive.

Hungarian Spicy Cheese Spread – Körözött

Körözött is a Hungarian classic and every household makes it differently. It is kept in the fridge for moments when you do not have the mood to make lunch or dinner, or when your offspring is going to school and you just barely tumbled out of bed. You reach for a slice of bread and […]

Shopska – Šopska – chopped salad with cheese

One of the first questions I get when I introduce my wife is “Where did you two meet?”. I don’t know why, is an American-Slovak-Hungarian combo that weird? So make it even more weird — I say “in Kosovo”.  That always takes the conversation away from us and transforms it to a discussion about Kosovo. […]