A note on dough

For some reason (cold weather?) we’ve got a lot of doughy recipes coming up, so I thought I’d say a few words about working with our tiny friend, yeast.

Your 2009 guide to hangover prevention

The most important thing is drink responsibly ( I know, you think blablablabla). But really, this is the best tip. As you get older, hangovers get worse, so you will learn to drink responsible eventually. But what to do if you accidentally drink more than you planned?

Christmas Dinner

It’s the quiet week between Christmas and New Year’s, a good time to introduce you to our family traditions for the holiday season.

Hang some szaloncukor on your tree this year

For me, Christmas is always associated with memories from my childhood. I will definitely make a special post about our customs, but before that I would like to introduce to you our Christmas candy. “Szaloncukor”, or as Slovaks know it, “salonky”, can be translated as “parlour candy”.

Hungarian Paprika – a primer

As ginger and soy sauce are to Asian cooking, paprika is to Hungarian cuisine. When I say “paprika”, you almost certainly imagine the spice. The truth is that paprika is much more then the red powder from the shelves of the supermarket. In Hungarian, the word “paprika” means both the spice and the pepper itself. […]