The Emperor’s Rolls

Kaiser Roll

We had a first blaze of summery weather here last weekend, and our thoughts turned towards the delights of summer eating, of course. Back in Slovakia, the fruit trees are blooming and the cherries will soon start to form; here we’ve got strawberries still green and rock-hard, but strawberries! growing in our garden! When it […]

Gluten-free pumpkin chocolate chip cake

This isn’t my first waltz with gluten-free baking, but almost. I made some gluten-free cupcakes for a birthday party this summer, and let’s just say that even before I burned them they weren’t exactly winners. It’s a pretty different ball game, this gluten-free stuff. (What, how long do you expect me to sustain a single […]

Bread with a twist

How do you try out a new recipe? Do you follow it to the letter, or are you a tinkerer? For years, I didn’t cook often enough to feel confident deviating from the written word; the recipe was law unto the kitchen. But after being forced to improvise when I was living in a rented […]

Struan Muffins

Last weekend I came across a competition on Chow for the best original muffin recipe. Now, I love muffins, quickbreads, that whole kind of snack/brunch category is right up my alley. (Remember pancakes, anyone?)

Strawberry Barley Scones adapted from “Good to the Grain”

Good to the grain adaptation

I have been reading about Kim Boyce’s cookbook Good to the Grain for a few months now, and lo and behold, I got my very own copy for my birthday this past week. The concept behind these recipes is baking with whole grain flours not (only) for health reasons, but to enjoy the specific flavors […]