Adieu to 2011

This year has seen some changes at Emperor’s Crumbs; in our first full year in California, we have been posting more recipes that reflect what we eat day-to-day, not only the classics from Central Europe. I do wish we had time to post more recipes overall – one of my resolutions for 2012, definitely!

As a little sendoff for this year, I’ve compiled our weekly menus into a year-long calendar of dinners. It was interesting to see which ones were repeated most often (can you tell we have a kid who loves burgers?), and how often we cooked versus going to a restaurant or getting takeout (although the meal plans are a little unreliable there, since they’re done in advance and if we end up at our favorite pizza place at the last minute it isn’t reflected in the plan). I have included links to the recipes that have them, and I hope you’ll find some useful ideas for your own dinners in the year ahead.

A big thank you for reading here, and I hope the new year is more delicious than ever!

2011 Year in Menus


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    1. Thanks! I’m glad to share – and I should say thanks in turn to all the bloggers and cookbook authors whose recipes gave us a year of good eating!

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