5 ways to improve grilled corn


One day Katy suggested we make grilled corn as an end of summer treat. For me as a Central European used to actual cold winters, the concept of “end of summer” in California is slightly weird. But so be it; it’s a great reason to celebrate and everybody likes corn.

We’re always trying to teach our kids about food: not only to eat it but also to make it, and to think about what they like and to try new things. There are flavors we all like more or less, which of those flavors taste great together? What works, what doesn’t? Can we make something EVEN MORE delicious? Neither of our kids is really adventurous, in life and at the table, but we’ve found ways to encourage them to taste a wider range of stuff. Corn is a great vehicle for experimentation. Each of the family member got the task to make their own version.


I decided to limit the number of ingredients on the corn to three since my son made a series of bacon and … trials and errors. Unfortunately I had to be the one to judge and while bacon with cocoa and brown sugar was ok, the “find all spices and dump them on the bacon” version was definitely an error. I could not even lie, my expression and running off to brush my teeth said everything. Based on this experience, everybody had to eat their own corn!

Unfortunately our little one decided to not participate, because she is missing her front teeth and she has a hard time fighting with the corn on the cob. She promised to make it up at the next challenge.

Stilton Rocket – Corn & Stilton Cheese

This was my choice. I shaved few shards of Stilton and put it on the hot grilled corn. The shavings melted and took this friendly corn into a different universe.It is hard to describe the decadent pleasure of this one. It is like the heat coming from a fireplace on a cold day dressed in warm fuzzy jammies and wearing warm slippers. Perhaps the house is a very old one and here and there a whiff of mold completes the picture.

Miso & Brown Butter Corn

The combination of miso and brown butter is amazing – I first read about it on Cookie and Kate, and it’s a perfect match for the sweet and smoky corn. We browned about 2 tablespoons of butter, added a generous teaspoon of white miso and brushed it over the roasted corn.

Cotija Cheese, Lime and Chile

A Latin classic. Or maybe a specifically Mexican one? Educate us, please. Cotija has just enough salty funkiness to offset the zip zap of the lime and the burn of the chile.


Italian Snow – Corn with Pecorino

A very adult choice for Bennett. I was surprised when he came up with this idea, but hey. This works! Salty sheep cheese sprinkled over warm and sweet corn. Flavor bomb!

Butter and Chives

The last improvisation. We had one last ear of corn left and did not know what to do with it. Katy suggested herbs and I ran out to cut some of our chives from the garden. We used butter as glue and sprinkled on the chopped chives. Turned out excellent.

One More “Corny” Group Photo

Just when you thought there won’t be a “corny” joke in a post about a corn, we totally fail you. It had to happen and you know it!


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