Potato Bundt cake/Bramborová bábovka

I was intrigued by this recipe in a recent issue of our favorite Czech cooking magazine, Apetit, which is for a Babovka, Bundt cake, made with potatoes. I set out to follow the recipe, but as usual, I changed a little here, a little there (I omitted a packet of pudding mix, for example) and […]

Roasted Potatoes with Brussel Sprouts

My parents make roasted brussel sprouts and potatoes together with different types of Hungarian sausages (paprika sausage, blood sausage and liver sausage). The result is an amazing well-balanced meal floating in grease. Example of the “hurka”, hungarian blood and liver sausage Katy is a vegetarian (…I know, how could I have married her ? )  […]


Lángos (or langoš) is the fast food of Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. It is probably the best way you can use flour, yeast, potatoes and water (oh, and a liter or so of frying oil). Like hot dog stands in New York, lángos stands in the cities of Central Europe feed crowds and […]


I feel like this article has to be written. I am very disappointed when a magazine like Cook’s Illustrated makes a goulash recipe and it turns out to be something else. I love Cook’s Illustrated and I forgive them. But let’s put things straight in the case of Hungarian gulyás. The biggest mistake people make […]